Connecting ALS is a weekly podcast produced by The ALS Association’s national office and the Association’s Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota Chapter. We aim to discuss research and technology developments, highlight advocacy efforts, and share the personal stories woven through the community. For transcriptions of each episode follow us on Tumblr. For more information on The ALS Association, visit:

If data usage is a hindrance, you can also use Bullhorn to listen via phone call.

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Meet the Connecting ALS Team

Connecting ALS Host - Jeremy Holden

Host - Jeremy Holden
Jeremy Holden is The ALS Association’s Communications Director, where he is responsible for sharing and elevating the stories of people living courageously with ALS and the community fighting the disease. He can often be found at Association functions with klieg lights and a video camera looking for folks from our community to capture and share their stories to help raise awareness. He also edits the Association’s blog.

Jeremy has 20 years of professional experience as a writer and storyteller and previously hosted a weekly public affairs radio show on SiriusXM. He has a degree in American history from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree from The George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs, where he used to teach an undergraduate course in political science research methodology. He lives in North Carolina and shares a home office with two standard schnauzers – Otto and Sophie.

Connecting ALS Producer - Garrett Tiedemann

Producer - Garrett Tiedemann
Garrett Tiedemann is an award-winning audio engineer, producer, and composer with additional experience as a filmmaker and journalist. Over the course of his career he has produced work for American Public Media, KCRW, MIT, and Reveal. Since joining the Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota Chapter last year he has been in charge of producing Connecting ALS while also expanding the chapter's video production capabilities and increasing outreach opportunities through what is called the Connectivity Center in the chapter's offices. He has 20 years of experience telling stories with a keen eye and ear towards the human story in every story.

Connecting ALS Executive Producer - Morgan Roth

Executive Producer - Morgan Roth
Morgan Roth is the vice president of communications at The ALS Association, where she is focused on creating strategies that engage more people, more deeply in the Association’s ambitious mission-driven work. A former award-winning broadcast journalist, she has spent the last two decades leading strategic communications for agencies and nonprofit organizations in the United States, the Middle East and Africa. She’s an alumna of McGill University in Montreal, Canada and resides in Washington, DC.

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